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Media Information


Pitches can be emailed to technationmedia@gmail.com.

Qualifiers for the overall Tech Nation program are described below.

Book interviews and attendant press materials should be mailed to Tech Nation, KQED, 2601 Mariposa Street, San Francisco, CA 94118. 

Tech Nation Media produces the one-hour weekly interview program Tech Nation (TN). All topics are welcome as they relate to the impact of science and technology. Additional topic areas include health, biotech and privacy/security. 

Tech Nation has both national and international syndication. Domestically,  Tech Nation airs 4 times per week on the NPR Channel on Sirius-XM Satellite Radio, twice weekly on the NPR Program Stream, and on over 100 public radio stations. International syndication includes three times weekly to 177 countries via American Forces Radio International and in podcast form on multiple podcast streams, including Podomatic, iTunes and Stitcher. 

As individual producers may work on varying aspects of the Tech Nation, Tech Nation Health and BioTech Nation productions, we ask that they not be contacted individually with regard to booking guests as their focus areas often shift. Current active producers are Christie Dames, David Ewing Duncan, Mike Fisher, Matt Gardner, Nicole Hamilton, Olga Levin, Paul Lorton, Stephanie Martin, Kevin O'Malley, Roxy Shafii and Howard Sypher. 


Publicists (or even the potential guests themselves) need to pitch "guests" followed by the "story" they have to tell. Each production has distinct contact requirements, and they are separately described below:

For Tech Nation, a guest (and his or her story) should attempt to meet six(6) criteria:

                - The person and his story has good human interest appeal
                - The person and his story is relevant to the vast majority of people, or be of national or international interest
                - Technology and/or science is a part of the story
                - The guest must be able to sustain a compelling interview for 20-30 minutes                                         - The guest has appropriate credentials to talk about the story
                - The guest must be able to be either (1) present in the studios of KQED in San Francisco, or (2) their publisher or sponsor is prepared to cover the cost of a remote studio and engineer (approximately $150). Tech Nation Media will handle the costs for the local San Francisco studio and engineer, as well as the ISDN line.

For Tech Nation Health and BioTech Nation topics, the focus of the interviews are issues of health and healthcare given the emergence of technology and/or breakthrough science.

Interviews are normally conducted at KQED in San Francisco or at the International BIO conference each spring, and are usually 7-25 minutes in length depending on content. Please contact technationmedia@gmail.com with essential information about the guest to be interviewed and ...

     1.       What is the problem they are trying to solve, or the product(s) they are trying to create?

     2.       What is the emergent technology and/or breakthrough science involved?

     3.       Where are the biggest risks? Largest challenges?

     4.       Where is the effort in the science-to-product life cycle?

     5.       What is its status today? 

   See below for BOOKING instructions.


Step 1. As appropriate, email pitches to technationmedia@gmail.com and/or send MEDIA KITS and MATERIALS to Tech Nation Media:

         Tech Nation Media/KQED-FM
         2601 Mariposa Street
         San Francisco, CA 94110

Essential in the materials to be submitted is a detailed biography of the proposed guest or guests, identifying relevant experience and education. Other standard materials could include books, media coverage, organization media kits, published articles and reviews.

Step 2. Follow up to technationmedia@gmail.com to determine status of guest proposal, arrange interview dates and possibly discuss further or alternative strategies.

Step 3. With few exceptions, Tech Nation guests are scheduled for taping during normal business hours Monday through Friday. Preferably, allow one hour for the Tech Nation interview guest to be in studio, although the production staff is happy to work with tight connections when informed as early as possible.

When the interview is to take place at KQED, guests who are driven by escorts or drive their own vehicles may park in the KQED garage. The entrance to the garage is on the York Street side of the building. Pull in, identify the guest and appointment time on Tech Nation and internal staff will handle the guest and/or escort from there.

For additional assistance, the day of the interview please call Receptionist in the KQED Front Lobby: 415.553.2110

Successful Strategies for Booking Tech Nation Guests:

    A detailed biography of the guest is essential. Traceable credentials are a must.

    Avoid people and stories best suited for the trade press.

    Avoid any story that is really just a technology product. Products may get exposure from time-to-time if the person is interesting and the product has some unique impact on our lives.

    Avoid suggesting marketing or sales personnel as guests, as well as regional personnel. Appropriate interview guests are generally the President and CEO, the Founder(s), the Chief Scientist, the CTO, etc. Business development personnel without the appropriate scientific or technical credentials are not acceptable.

    Late-breaking news items are not appropriate. Tech Nation is more suited to the long view.

    Guests who reflect the changes in our society and/or the effect on society of past technologies are also considered.

    Scientists and science stories are welcome. (Remember: psychology is a science.)

    Other than that, you can always ask!