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                                                                                       Dr. Moira Gunn
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About BioTech Nation

BioTech Nation is a popular weekly segment of the Tech Nation public radio program. Hosted by Dr. Moira Gunn, it covers the global biotechnology industry through interviews with CEOs, Chief Scientific Officers, industry leaders, venture capitalists, educators, and more. Founded in 2004 out of the growing public interest in DNA and the impact of biotechnology on medicine, agriculture and energy led to the creation of the regular segment, BioTech Nation has produced over 800 interviews available on the its NPR distribution channels as well as with its separate podcast series. Also included is a regular feature, BioIssue of the Week, with award-winning science journalist, David Ewing Duncan. Together they discuss breaking items in teh biotechnology industry.

The BioTech Nation podcasts are frequently used in bioentrepreneurship programs to enable first-hand experience with the people of the biotechnology industry.

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